About Advent Filmmakers

Anyone can turn on a camera. But learning to engage the culture as a Media Warrior requires educating your mind in your art, your hands in your craft and your soul in the ways of the Master. That’s why Advent Filmmakers provides a holistic approach to training film professionals that includes scholarship, discipleship and internships. […]

How to Get Involved

Few people from the Middle Ages warrant more than a couple lines of ink in today’s history books. The elite few who are still remembered are from the upper echelon of that era’s society — the kings, the dukes, the bishops, the knights. Yet one of the world’s most magnificent buildings — the Notre Dame […]

Why Donate?

“Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.” ~ Walt Disney     With all the excellent ministries you could donate to, why should you consider Advent Filmmakers? See if any of the following true of you: You want […]

The New Christian Film Movement

“I believe, as I have always believed, that you control the most powerful instrument in the world for good or evil.”

~Thomas Edison

According to Barna research findings, media has more influence over today’s culture than any other social institution. More than the family, more than friends, and definitely more than the church. Yet one of the leading forms of mass media — the movies — have all but been abandoned by conservative Christians, leaving the Read More

Cinema History

  • The Hobbit: Behind the Scenes

    Part One of Peter Jackson’s much-anticipated trilogy – The Hobbit – hits theaters in two days! Want to see what they’ve been up to behind the scenes?

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    A Christian Disney

      Fifty-seven years ago, Walt Disney fulfilled his dream of creating a place — Disneyland — where parents and their children could have fun together. There could hardly have been a better culmination to a lifetime of achievement.

  • Roundhay Garden Scene 1888

    Roundhay Garden Scene

    October 14, 1888 – Louis le Prince films the Roundhay Garden Scene Louis le Prince is known as the “Forgotten Father of Cinematography.” Although the invention of the motion picture is usually credited to Thomas Edison,

  • "In every living soul, a spirit cries for expression -- perhaps this plaintive, wailing song is, after all, the misunderstood utterance of a prayer."

    The Jazz Singer

    October 6, 1927 — “The Jazz Singer” is released “The Jazz Singer” was the first feature “talkie” or film containing sync sound dialogue.

  • Buster Keaton 2

    Buster Keaton

    October 4, 1895 — Buster Keaton is born Buster Keaton is considered one of the best actor-directors in cinema history, known especially for his physical comedies.